Tuesday 20 October 2015


The following are the main points of the Hon’ble Speaker of Lok Sabha (House of the People/ Lower House of the Parliament) made in her address on the occasion of the 27th Conference of Accountants General on the theme ‘Promoting Good Governance and Accountability through Public Audit’ organized by the Comptroller & Auditor General of India as mentioned in the press release published in CAG web site and my comments on them:

  1. “The Conference is very significant considering the fact that the Office of the Comptroller and Auditor General plays a critical role in ensuring accountability and good governance in our parliamentary polity”.
A copy of my book A FRAUD IN THE INDIAN CONSTITUTION was already sent to you by speed post (please refer the attachment). If you read it I am sure, you will change your statement about “accountability and good governance”. (For the public, those who cannot afford buying a book, I had already furnished copies of the book in major libraries in India either by speed post or by hand delivery. A list of complimentary copies sent to various libraries and authorities is available in my blog:- http://publiccause.manjaly.net/2016/03/list-of-complimentary-copies-of-my-book.html )

  1. “India has seen significant economic growth in recent years. This progress is in no small measure supported by the presence of a sound institutional framework which includes a strong and independent oversight body like the CAG”.
Please refer to the Supreme Court decision quoted at the beginning of the chapter 2 and my comments thereafter. From that you will come to know that what you had stated is only theory part and what is in practice is entirely different. If CAG is what you had stated from the theory books, India would have been manifold better than the present status and India would have surpassed many superpowers.

  1. “In India, the Comptroller and Auditor General, as we know, examines the annual accounts of the Government to satisfy that the moneys granted by the Parliament and the State Legislatures to the respective Executives have been applied to the purpose for which they were intended and that they have been spent according to the laws, rules and regulations governing the subject.”
If you read the book, particularly, “Part II-FENCE EATING THE CROP”, you will come to know that how the CAG is fooling the Parliament and the people of India and no need to further explanation.
  1. “The reports of the CAG is a source of great empowerment for the citizens and provide valuable information and feedback to the various stakeholders including the policy makers. Citizens can use this report to question their representatives and hold the public servants to account.”
I think your statement is based on the CAG report on the 2G/Coalgate Scams tabled in the recent years. I think you are not aware of when the 2G/Coalgate scams were started. How many different Governments came and gone in between? Is it the report submitted after 20 years of its occurrence according to you “a source of great empowerment for the citizens and provide valuable information and feedback to the various stakeholders including the policy makers”?

  1. “Presenting the audit report in the parliament or legislature is not an end in itself. It is very important to ensure that the government takes suitable corrective action otherwise the audit exercise may be reduced to a ritual.”
Here I am asking the same question I asked the PAC Chairman in my earlier blog. I do not know what kind of corrective action you are expecting from the fake objections submitted to the Parliament and later closed by accepting the reply of the Department. Read my book carefully and you will come to know that real objections are not reported. If you open the cupboards of CAG, you will find several skeletons of such brutally murdered good objections.

  1. “It is indeed a matter of pride for the nation that the office of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India, is functioning vibrantly. The independence accorded to this auditing authority speaks volumes about the health of our democracy.”
This is the only statement I agree with you with reference to the Constitutional provision. But the provision is not used, but grossly misused. That is why I named the book “A FRAUD IN THE INDIAN CONSTITUTION”.

  1. “CAG is playing a prominent role in conducting the audit of International Organisations as well. I am glad to note that the CAG of India has been elected as a Member of the United Nations Board of Auditors and has been entrusted with the audit of important UN agencies including the UN Headquarters.”
On your above statement, I can only pray to God “save those UN agencies including the UN Headquarters and their stake holders” and give a hint to the stake holders to triple check the authenticity of the CAG audit report through other sources before acting upon it.
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